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Connection Over Content: Should the Church Take a Page from Facebook?

RJ Grunewald of Orange Leaders assessed Facebook’s new priority shift: “Facebook changes something every couple months. The design, the newsfeed algorithm, the relationship with advertisers—this change is different. There is a clarity
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Still Sorting it Out: Should Harry Have Been a Slytherin?

I was 18 years old when the first book of the series was published in the U.S. but I didn’t know about it until I noticed my best friend reading
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My Experience as a Previous Lockdown Survivor: Then vs. Now

In 2000 I moved as a teenager to Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, as missionaries with my family. One night as I was watching the nightly news,
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Bumps Ahead

Even when you see the warning signs sometimes, it doesn’t make the flood easier.
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Bless This Mess

Jealousy drives a wedge that only the Holy Spirit can heal.
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Friends With Strangers

Joining social media has opened new doors in my life I didn’t know I needed open.
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