A Life That’s Full of Wonder Is a Wonderful Life

My husband and I have this agreement. We agreed that Redbox was the devil and we were not to ever get another movie from the devil box. Then we realized that maybe it wasn’t the box’s fault. Perhaps we are irresponsible individuals who can’t remember to brush our teeth in the morning let alone drive the 6-10 miles back to the Redbox to return a movie in a timely manner. So, we decided to give it another try. Of course, rather than rent some R-rated movie that no one in my house can watch, we rented Smallfoot.

Have you seen this movie? It is spectacular! So many little messages and sage wisdom to be found in its 1 hour and 49 minutes. Aside from having awesome talent like Channing Tatum and Zendaya, there is some pretty catchy music, which I found myself downloading on iTunes. But this movie was better than good. I’m almost upset that I didn’t buy it instead of renting it.

The premise of it is about these Yetis, abominable snowmen of sorts who live atop a high mountain and are content in what they’ve been told is true and they exist peacefully as such. They awaken each day to perform their task that will contribute to their village ad infinitum.

Quite by accident, a Yeti named Migo (Channing Tatum) stumbles upon a human and is banished from his village because he seeks the truth. Being told that nothing else in the world exists and believing this to be true, he is stunned by the world he discovers under the clouds atop his mountain home.

After a long journey among other banished friends, he finds that the world is so much bigger than he ever could have imagined. So he ventures home to spread the good news, only to be shunned again. Brought in by his leader, he is shown that the true reason why he has been taught that only life exists atop this mountain is fear. Fear that humans and Yetis cannot live in the same world.

At first, he lets fear lie to him and in turn lies to others about his discovery. It gets pretty deep next – Migo finds that lying to more than just himself but to his entire people was crippling to him and everyone else. After a big push from his so-funny father (Danny Devito), he and the leader of the Yetis tell the others the truth and they try to bridge the gap between Yeti and man. It’s quite touching.

It kind of reminds me of this very magazine I write for today. Trying to bridge two worlds together. Science is factual. It’s based on knowledge and truth. Scientists seek the truth and make it so. Theologians (like myself and the other writers here) are in pursuit of the truth too as we simultaneously recognize that there is mystery to it all. We have to hold a certain level of faith in order to embrace this mystery that is truth. But both worlds rarely collide.

Technology and AI advances abounding worldwide is a daunting reality changing observation to a large subset of the Christian world. Talks of creating human life or extending our time on this earth is scary to those of us who believe that we have no control over our life and death. Yet methodical scientific research everywhere continues its quest for answers to the big questions of existence. It’s very existential and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. We just have to learn how to merge our worlds together.

Just like the yetis and humans, the bridge has to be built. It won’t just appear. Building anything will take time and patience. But with the proper tools and materials, these two worlds can benefit deeply from each other. Science and religion should be one. Can be one. There will be failure and also triumph, but there is no reason why they cannot intersect.

The world is so much bigger than we know. Our scope of understanding in the search for truth doesn’t need to be limited by the fear of being uncomfortable. Life begins where your comfort zone ends. So maybe today you could get a little uncomfortable and see what you can find. Amen

Be safe. Be great. Be you

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What is it you seek to find in your own search as you live your life?

Q2. How can the worlds of science and technology intersect with theology and religion?

Q3. I watched a children’s movie and found so many answers so simply put. How can you find deeper meaning in your life?

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